Sunday, May 24, 2009

Seamus's Birthday

# 14th May 09 @ Puchong's Neway #

Seamus's birthday is the same as my mum's.

The four of us, decided to go scream our lungs out that night.

The room was good, way better than K Box - (we went with Teddy and Carmen the other day we had a weird shaped corner room with lousy surround system). Not recommended! Charges are more expensive compared to KL without buffet dinner even. Pariah?

Look at the amount of food that we took. For "tong shui" itself, Seamus took 8 bowls -.-

This platter of fruits costs 25 bucks. Can you imagine? Haha! Cutthroat!

I took this for the sake of Unagi sushi.

This looks nice. But fattening and not so delicious. The whipped cream just doesn't taste right.

Pastries....I love!!~ Wee~

Tong Shui

Prawns - They don't have those steamed ones like I used to eat at Times Square or Cheras Neway =( Sad.

Nata de Coco. I took two bowls of this. muhahaha.

I don't know what's this. Combination of longan and salad.

Lamb shank.

Following, will be camwhore pics.

# 15th May 09 @ Fong Lye, The Gardens #

The following day, we headed to Midvalley because there were a mini camera fair.

I was looking for Lumix LX3. (But now I might change my mind and get a DSLR instead - D90, wooohooo. *sobs*)

Later on, before movie, we went for Dinner @ Lye Fong. Love this place cause the food's nice.

Esp the steam fish and also chicken. *slurps*

* Adios *

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