Monday, January 05, 2009

What's your new year resolution?

Before starting off my post, first things first..

Yeah. Happy New Year guys. Have fun celebrating, trying to figure out what you need to fullfill for the year 2009? So what's your resolution(s)?

Haha. Those in my MSN list should be able to see what my resolution have no resolution at all. Mavis's right. Since you can't fullfill it, why bother having one? Stop worrying too much bout the future and concentrate on the present.

Anyway, it sucked to have to work on New Year's Eve. First, there was not much to do. (And I get to read up bout 100 chapters of One Piece in 7.5 hours) Haha..Imma catching up!

I wanna post pics. Pics of my new heels =P I crazily bought 4 pairs without hesitation and 2 pairs turned out to be smaller than what I can afford to fit my giant foot in. Damn it! I was so angry and frustrated. The heels were so nice. Booohooo =(

I'm still seeking for clothes but they don't update during my off days wtf. Why do you guys update during my working hours?

At the mo, Christine darling and I were crazily talking about blog shopping. LOL!! She actually bought 9 pieces of baju and she's still hunting for more. When it comes to shopping, girls just cannot resist eh? Better not start it, else it'll haunt you all the time =P

Now I'm thinking of what to get for my dogs. Dinosaur and Doraemon suits perhaps? Not gonna get any CNY cheongsams for them. They can't wear it on other occasions.

The main prob now is my CNY leave is still pending for approval. Damn it. There's so lil chinese in the office why can't you just let all of us go on AL? Plus, I only applied for 11 days :P

Have you guys ever try this?

No doubt, it's superb. Just look at the designs on the cupcakes. It does not look nice but also very good to be eaten!

Never try never know =)

Wondermilk was intro by Seamus. We actually had 4 cupcakes the other day. Tho it's not very big size, but it's very filling and we love it!!

Are you able to notice the cupcakes with boobs? :P

For more designs : **WONDERMILK**

Time for dinner!!! Chiao =)


lovely cupcakes