Saturday, December 20, 2008

Damn malu can!!!

Naruto 429 is out and I'm damn frustrated!!!

Been trying to load the manga for hours it just doesn't work.

Damn Screamyx!!!

Anyways, today I'm gonna tell you one funny thing (I find it funny) that happened yesterday night.

When I kissed my boo goodbye before leaving to work this morning, he asked me a funny question.

BF : Were you singing last night after you fell asleep?
Me : Huh? No. What song I sang?
BF : You even said something in English!!
Me : Tell la what song I sang? *starting to laugh already*
BF : Remember the song you sang when we left the hotel yesterday?
Me : *tried thinking hard* I don't remember
BF : ......... I heard you singing "Everybody...Yeahhhh"
Me : *LOL-ed hard* OMG!! Did you laughed when you heard me?
BF : *started laughing* Too bad I don't have the time to video you.

Eventually, it happened like this...

He was playing with Harvest Moon on DS, while I was snoozing away...

All of a sudden he heard me singing. He tried calling me but I didn't respond.

And the song he mentioned was Backstreet Boy's Everybody. (The one where they dreamt of becoming Vampire in the MV)

What's with me and vampires anyway? Tsk!

wtf!!! Cannot imagine how I sounded like!

This is sooooooo stupid. And today he told my bro about it and he too LOL-ed hard. wtf.

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