Monday, January 19, 2009

Pre chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and still no news on my annual leave's application. Wtf is the HR doing all these while? Aren't they suppose to reply us one month before the day comes? Then what's the point of asking us to apply one month before hand? At least if they reject it, I can apply for unpaid leave. I don't care if it will affect the accreditation. Come on, it's the only celebration that I'm so looking forward to and they just wanna freaking spoil it? Out of 40 staff in my department not even 10 are chinese. I don't know what they want to consider about..

Anyway this year's celebration is going to be a bit different from usual. My boo will be coming along to Kedah as well. *grins* He's pretty nervous though. Haha! So I actually made him shop this year for new shoes, clothes and pants. He don't normally buy clothes for the past 5 years for CNY because he would be working and there's no chance for visiting nor taking angpows from relatives. So this year, he's gonna give up the triple pay, and took 10 days leave. How sweet =) Anyways, we went MidValley for shopping yesterday and basically I have to force him to try on skinny pants from Topshop as they have XS sizes there. LOL. As I expected, he doesn't like the idea of having his pants hugging his legs. Oh bummer! He only managed to get 2 jersey tops from there. At least that was a good start. Then off we go to Zara, OMG the pants were so ugly that we went to the ladies department instead and I got some baby tees and a skinny. And then to Levi's we went, he wanted to try slim cut instead of straight, cause it's too big for him. Luckily the smallest size they have was 29. He took 2 and tried..and when he saw the price tag, mata dia terbeliak. But since the jeans looked nice on him, I pestered him to get it. He reluctantly agreed in the end. *phew* You should see the look on his face HAHA! I told him this is going to be once a year thingy, so just shut up and get it. So, having a thrifty boyfriend is a good thing, no? I managed to force him to get a pair of Nike sneakers as well which is similar to mine, but the logo was in gold color instead. *happy*

The bank actually called to ask me did I make a few transaction at MidValley.


Today, my off day, since I need to fetch him to work, and I need to get some shirts for him as well as my dad, so I decided to stop by MidValley for a while. Ended up spending on another 2 pair of Zara skinny for myself, 5 shirts for my dad and 3 shirts for my boo. My bf was horrified when he saw what I bought...And in the end he confiscated my card =( There goes my wondermilk cupcakes =( Hey! I still need to get stuff for my granny's birthday! And he's gonna keep it until after his birthday! I was planning to get him a phone or Wii man! Damn it!

Okay, I admit I seriously need to reconsider when comes to buying things. I bought so many stuff from online blog shops already. Oh and I bought 2 shirts for my doggies too. One doraemon hoodie shirt and one dinosaur for Meeko!! Haha. Cannot imagine how she's gonna look like. *excited*

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