Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Should I?

There are many things running in my mind now. So many questions and should I do it or not questions. Should I clarify things with her first? I can't seriously face her and pretend to be nice to her and all. I know who I am and I suck when comes to wearing masks. Will this make any difference? Whatever happened, happen for a reason. There's this urge inside me yesterday night to just LN her to explain the whole thing. It's been sometime since it happened and we both apologized to each other, but I guess, there's still torn in my heart. No bandage can mend it. Oh sorry, some of you might wonder wtf is LN. Too used to using that phrase in the office. LN, Lotus Notes, an email software that we use to communicate in the office btw. Too many people getting involved and...*sigh* Guess I do not have the guts to say it to her face cause I'd be bursting out before I can finish my "speech".

I'm on episode 354 on One Piece now. Catching up pretty fast. Manage to read in 3 weeks time. I guess I'm gonna continue browsing the manga before heading to DreamLand.

Hmmm...Should I?

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