Saturday, December 06, 2008

What a sick, masochistic lion

This incident happened at my brother's office...

Oh, btw, Ray is the name of my brother's boss

A kid saw a pair of butterfly shaped clips on the lamp table, belonging to the manicurist, Eva. So Ray went over and asked..

Ray : What is this? (pointing to the butterfly)
Kid : par tee pai (pointing back at the butterfly and laughed)
Ray : Huh?!????
Kid : par tee pai!

At this point, the kid's mother's face went red and said..

Mum :'s butterfly.
Kid : par tee pai!!! (laughed)

I LOL-ed hard at par tee pai :P

Of all the posters I love this. Tho it's not the official one. I loved the movie, and I'm tempted to get the novel series =(

Robert Pattinson is so hot. He's not the very good looking type but I love the character of him in this flick.

I stupidly dreamt of him last night tho hahaha!

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