Sunday, November 30, 2008

Random Post

I've totally ran out of idea on what to blog about. Before I came online, there were so many things running through my mind on what I should blog about.

I'm so lifeless *sigh* =P

When I'm up, there's nobody to talk to in MSN. Nobody worthy in particular. There were some irritating idiots who keep nudging and saying "Hi, where are you from?" or "Who are you?" (Crap!!)

Get the heck outta mah face! =P

Should I blog about...

Roy's birthday celebration last night? Oh we went to Mist. The song was blasting so loud (extra loud okay..) and the 5 guys finished 2 bottle of Black Label in just one hour.

Birthday wish for Germaine? Mummy ordered something special for you baby.

This girl whom everyone hates? - shhhhhhhhh -

Latest released NDSL ROM - Music Monstar?

Moar and moar humans getting their hands on NDSL now! Even my boo's cousin sister cannot resist when she saw him playing Cooking Mama 2. In this case, it's more about the kiasu-ness in her. Well, anyway..

I wanted to post up photos of the new rented house but the USB drive failed me miserably =(

What happened this morning was I met the owner, signed contract, yada yada yada..and headed off to Endah Parade for grocery shopping! Don't know why I love grocery shopping more than hogging on a pile of 70%-on-sale clothes.

Oh, btw, I kinda like the X'Mas deco @ MidValley. The trees were simple tho but the centre stage caught my attention. I always look forward to X'mas cause there'd be heaps of angelic deco at the malls. Tho, I'd hope for the snow machine to be one of the highlight this year, but no...

I saw something and thought, should I get it for my boo?

Wait and see...

Never mind tho. What I desperately want now is my ANNUAL LEAVE!!!!! 2 more weeks...

Did you guys watch NAMAWEE's video on the A B C lesson? ahahahahaha I LOL-ed hard at the videos. wtf.

Try searching by 丘老師ABC


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