Sunday, November 23, 2008

So little time, so much to do

New bloggie skin again.

I planned to change to another new skin because the previous one before this was too confusing and the tagboard does not really update as fast as I expected.

Oh..latest news!!

I finally found a landed property to rent.

Decent price and FULLY furnished.

It's a double storey house that comes with

- TV
- Sofa
- 3 air cons
- Kitchen Cabinet
- Fridge
- Washing Machine
- Dining Table
- Bed
- Over-Sized Wardrobe
- Bar Area
- 1 x Standing Fan
- 1 x Water Heater

All of the above for only RM900!!

Woohoo :P I haven't actually confirmed with the agent yet. (I hate negotiating with agent. They tend to mark up the market price. Darn it!)

Tonight I shall!! LOL! Oh~ and Belle's coming next month!


aight, time for dinner. I've spend 5hours just on browsing for the right skin...a total of 8000 skins!

Fatty's gonna go back home tonight =( I'm so sad. Not that I'm gonna miss his presence, but the feeling of "I cannot go back home" sux. I miss my babies dreadfully.


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