Sunday, December 14, 2008


There's humans who take things for granted in life. They don't seem to acknowledge the help people gave to them. When problem arises, all they do is to ignore and avoid you. Not only that, when problem arises, they'd come to you for help.

E.g FREE hair-do.

Okay, that's not a very good example but a random one.

I have a message that goes out to this particular human :-

"Do we owe you anything to deserve this? If you're capable in handling stuffs yourself, why do you still go to others when you needed help? Hell no I'm gonna ask them to on anything. Don't think you may take advantage of everyone in your life. Where's your dignity??"

So you know someone who is a hair stylist? Do you think you deserve to get free hair cut and do ALL the time? Maybe you should try another option - get laid by my bro's boss perhaps? Gosh!

There's always give and take in life dude. I'm not mentioning someone particular from any forums, nor friends.

It makes me so angry everytime.

I've felt sympathized for this person, not once but many times. Am so sorry to say that, from now on, I won't be anymore! Totally!

Not paying for own food.

Sneaking into ppl's closet and mug clothes and lingerie from there. Hello! Tengok saiz badan ko dulu. wtf

Would you be angry if your G2000 shirt is being torn by someone else? Fuck!

wtf there's many millions more reason that I could list down.

Enough is enough. Obviously that this time, she'd provoke my patience and anger.

I'm gonna be silly and go stare at Pattinson's pic now...

Can't take him outta my mind ~


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