Saturday, May 03, 2008

Germaine and Meeko

Can't believe that only 2 weeks I din see my babies, Germaine has gained 1KG of weight. I was like OMG when I see her few days ago. She wa sso much heavier than before. Natural Balance is so fattening!!!!!!!

MY fav pic. Not easy to snap tho.

Meeko, look at the cam la!

Aiyo..still not perfect.

Had a hard time posing with them

Still do..

Outside car porch loitering, waiting for me to bring them out..NOT!

Look at the 3 8 Meeko putting her head out of the gate looking at dunno what..

Meeko =)

This part's funny. Maine girl resting on the floor, when suddenly she saw a cat walking into our house compound, that's when she wagged her tail madly *faints*

Don't know why this pic is so small =P


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