Sunday, May 04, 2008

New Passion

Last week was Hou's Birthday and it was also his last day so we went to this Blue Dragon cafe to celebrate for him with a 5 course dinner. Paria fish was so expensive and not nice at all. But the cake (bought from Segar Cake Shop) was superb. We wanted to buy the mango one but it was a leftover so, we took this.

Say Cheese

Hee Hee Hee

Oi Shi!

Tengok tu..

After dinner, we followed Ray to Taman Desa's Fishing Village. Lately, I kinda get attracted by this new 'sport'. Wanted to buy a rod of my own HAHAHAHA but the thang is I don't even dare to hook the worm onto the 'mata kail' but of course you have other alternative type of bait lah. You'll see..

Night view...blur


This is how you hook can choose to hook one ekor..

Or two or three is up to you :P

Fishing rod :P

This is the net where you put your fish after getting caught. That night we only caught one siakap =/ Disappointing. Not as big as the one we caught at Pulau Ketam tho. That one big and juicy =P

You will also be needing this just in case your rod isn't strong enough to PULL the fishy up

This is the other type of bait. I dunno what it is made of but something to do with chicken. It smells like my dog kibbles HAHAHA wtf Alright next, all of a sudden I was craving for this :-

This particular popiah, don't know available in Ipoh or not, is the only thang I buy whenever I go pasar malam. Other food? SUX to the MAX! Ipoh's laksa..MOU TUCK LEI AH! Worse is that they don't have the type of chili we have in Ipoh.

This is another type with diff 'skin' wrapping. Yummy!

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