Saturday, May 03, 2008

Food and more food!!

*Sakae Sushi @ QBM*

Din know there was one. Apparantly they just opened this branch here @ 1st of March. Well, there's a diff with the one I tried in KL. When I first went in, the waitress asked what we'd like to have for our drinks. So we said green tea please. And she said we don't serve cold ones anymore because our system doesn't have much ice. I was like huh? wtf u talking about? Anyway nvm, we went for the hot one before starting to order from the panel screen. It was equipped with a mouse. The one I ate in Pavillion was a touch screen one.

There's actually difference in the food. Oh btw, they have another section for Tepanyakki here. I don't see one in the branch in Pav? Anyway the tepanyakki took hours to come and they serve things seperately.

Each plate comes at the interval of 10 to 15 minutes. Eww..and the potato salad not bad. Still my fav =)

Salmon..for my cuzzy

Sashimo..whoa this is nice. We call it the pregnant fish. Full of eggs inside the tummy. I feel pity for the fish.

This is the bento set my cousin ordered

Tepanyaki set..

With this...tak sedap lar

After that we were picked up from QBM, headed to Kayu for yumcha.

Aiden =)


Ainsley =) Cheeky gal

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