Monday, January 07, 2008

Rainy Day =)

Love the weather. Makes me wants to nua someone. Swt. Did not notice that the visitor counter doesn't match the new template. Haha. Don't know how to change to 3rd party template tho. It always have this XHTML error. wtf.
The other day I was surfing one Malaysian babe's blog, and the way she blog, i find it cute. Cute in a way that she keep mentioning wtf wtf wtf. LOL I wanted to type it in my blog but some of my friend's parents view my blog. I've been recognized as one of the Rude Clan member. Haha.
This pc sux. It was so slow. Can't even connect to msn and yahoo messenger simultaneously. Either one will be disconnected -.- I bloody love the icons there. Doesn't even work after the IP was changed. Loser.
Can't wait for tonight. Can't wait for Wed or Sat and Sunday.

-the end-

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