Monday, January 07, 2008

Something to Ponder Over..

I hate myself for caring everything of yours.i like the thing you love. i ignore everything which you dislike. i am sad for your down..i am even fed up when i don get a single reply from you? am i just worth a price of pen in yr heart?? what if you really just treat me as a friend..but i cant even feel i am a friend for you.. duhh!!!go away from my life..seriously..i am telling myself everything will be end once you step out from my is is really soon..
i know i will regret for writing this..and i might delete it later but who cares..i just.....FED UP..fed up on every single thing i am doing..fed up of myself for liking you so know..SPELL ME THE WORD..FUCKING FED UP..

by Peik Shean darling...your post described my feelings today. Depressed. I never request for anything..NEVER. Go fucking find other gals who are way off better for you. Yeah, materialistic types alot out there. wtf. I guess they'd do you good. I'm so freakin fuckin angry today. I've gone cuckoo. wtf. Goin nuts just cause someone treated me like a junk. Damn. Hell yeah I felt like one. Someone calm me down..I'm gonna get high blood pressure.

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