Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Oh My Lord I'm so sleepy here...the connection truly sux. Play game don't listen to songs la bugger. Curi all the bandwidth. Bongok. I had a weird dream this morning, before waking up at 8.30am. Jill together with MayDay (Yes, as in Wu Yue Tian) came to my house in a Honda Jazz asking me to go Sam Poh Tong with them. *sweats* Of course I was excited not wanting to wake up. Tho I don't really fancy MayDay. Haha! Sometimes I wish I could just stay inside my dream (happy ones of course) and not waking up having to face the complications of life. The struggling, will I have to fight against, games I had to play with, and the people I met. Somehow, I wish I've never met some of them and life could've been much more simple.
Ahh..the connection really sux here. I got disconnected for more than 10 times. I've been waiting very patiently to blog (Refreshing this page for 100th times) and now...bummer. The AVP (Aliens vs Predator) movie I went today, not so nice compared to the first one. This sequel just kill, kill, kill and kill. Alien eating humans and innocent babies. Pregnant women having babyliens bursting out of their tummy. Predalien sucking out of human's head. The end? Predalien vs Predator. Never ending fight. And Predator's weapon was left on Earth. What's next? Human vs Predator? I hope not.

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