Thursday, January 17, 2008

Forgeting Myself in no time

Wanna know what in men turns me off big time?

- talkin out loud in public places like nobody's business

- no self concious or at least groom yourself properly la. okay an e.g do you think it'd look yeng having a nose hair sticking out of ur nostril? wtf

- swearing is man but not at other ppl's mama.

Or if you want to please do not do it in places like Starbucks. So irritating. Dah lah I tunggu dua jam to get connected. Temper plus the hot weather makes the heat in me naik :P Haha!

I felt so emo. Still do. 29th Jan. That's the date. I mean I love Malaysia, love Ipoh. Miss my babies and friends. But I just can't stay in KL no more. Everyone asked me to reconsider but no. Everyday I am living in hell. It's time to move on.

Enough of those where to go for tonight's farewell? Stop asking me to think Alan. I've had enough of thinking. Why is everyone asking me to suggest of what to eat? How the hell I know PJ areas?

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