Thursday, March 22, 2007

Frozen Throne X Hero Seige

I went to work in a sleepy mode as usual. Was at Point Extreme playing Frozen Throne's X Hero Seige TD (as shown in image below) with Bean and Fatty. We managed to finish Level 1 in the First Round. But I screwed things up by going to the West North LAne due to my impatience.

Max human players: 8
Suggested players: 4-8 Player
Tileset : IceCrown
Map Size : Small

You will be able to choose the game modes and 4 hero modes. Your goal is to defend the castle until you kill the enemy lieutenants, and then to make a push into the heart of the enemy's fortifications to slay the evil boss. There are 24 powerful heroes at your disposal, each equipped with unique, awesome powers to vanquish foes in style. There will be Special Events poppping up, well I dunno how often, I just play! :P You have to at least hit 1000 ememies I guess. Keep a stack of potions handy and remember to buy tomes and you will power UP.

The 2nd game was stupid. Having some anonymous nicknamed dd, accusing of us KS-ing and not having team work. DUH! The game ended at 2.30AM. Reached home I thought wanted to watch Heroes. Finally I got till 18 episodes. But I was to sleepy. Dragged things, where I ended up sleeping @ 4AM again.


  1. wad game was this? looks like an antique

  2. aiyor its warcraft. quite easy to play la..for noob like me oso can able to finish level one..haha


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