Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My day @ Work

It was bloody FREEZIN when I reached office today. Who on earth on the AC till so cold early morning? I was nearly late. Alarm rang at 7.25AM. I slept back. Woke up @ 8AM. I didn't even wash my hair today. Just pin up my fringe, wash face, brush teeth, make up change then go. DARN it, today we had a photography session. My eye is killing me. No matter how early I slept, it is still swollen. BTW, I slept at 12AM. Only my left eye. WEIRDO! I can't wear lens man. So today I'm like a one eyed cock. But luckily I am still able to read and BLOG!

I attended CANON training yesterday. From 10.30AM till about 3.30PM man. I felt freakin sleepy inside the room, yawned more than 10 times and jotting down notes. Regret that I din bring my mobile in, at least I still can SMS with Crys.

There will be another SEAGATE training again tomorrow AFTER WORK! *shrugs* So far I was taught not much stuffs. The worse thing is that my PC cannot access into the DB and I stil haven't got my own EMAIL. DUH! Procastination is the thief of time. Come on..I WANT WORK TO DO MAN!! And not sitting in front of the PC, not having to chat, but only browse on the specs of elec gadgets.


  1. Hey, thanks for visting my blog.
    Well, I just joined a large bank in January, and I haven't got my email access until today, what say you? LOL

  2. WOW. Dat's great! LOL just couldn't believe how these people can do things so slow. Darn them. I can't do any work without email. TSK!

  3. so nice to have a freezing cold room la better than mine like sauna

  4. wah i'd rather have a warmer room than air con blowing directly at plus my sweater is at home


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