Friday, March 23, 2007

Pure Disappointment

I was waiting anxiously for the training to be over, so that I can go home. First, is to have my dinner. Secondly, I want to watch HEROES! Bean burnt 18 episodes for me. The 19th? Will be out only next month. was raining heavily outside. Fatty arrived just right after the training ended. The training? Was't quite boring, the lecturer looked kinda cute (tho he's old and married LOL). Secondly, he was training us on law stuffs. Quite interesting. The class could have end ebfore 7PM but too many questions and enquiries were asked.

When I reached home, showered, went down to have my dinner. Came up, played one game of WC3 (Campaign one) and everyone was ready to watch. Alas, the stupid laptop's software was way too old to watch the series. I was disappointed..BIG TIME! Instead, I watchd Full Metal Panic. IT was a stupid anime. But GG was laughing his lungs out everytime Sousuke fights. Bonta-kun was cute. Fumoffu Fumoffu!

Well, practically I went to bed @ 12AM. As usual, was pretty reluctant to wake up. GG boiled water for me to shower man. *touched* but I was still so garang towards him. That's me! HAHA Who kacaus me sleeping, dia kena lar :P The journey to work was quite JAM today and I was nearly LATE. I have quite alot to do today. THANK GOD I do. Can't wait to tani with Crys tonight @ Canon's Garden Party! Too bad we can't bring along our furkids. LOL Else, we could have sent them running across the polo field.


  1. reminds me of tim last time whenever i need to go college early in the morning. he will wake up and boil hot water for me to shower and send me out.

    haihhhhhhh the event cant get to tani lehhhh disappointed. both of us don't drink beer lolzzzz

  2. LOL yeahlor ciz i tot so big event at least got liquor ma.


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