Saturday, December 02, 2006

Your Friend Is Trying To Outshine You If She....

I came across this article before I retired to bed this morning. Have fun reading.

She's supposed to be your friend, so how come she's always competing with you to get the best guy, body and career?

- Likes to tell you in detail about social events she's been to thru work or friends of hers you don't know

- Looks you up and down from head to toe to check out what you're wearing

- Makes a jokey put-down about your passions, opinions, diet

- Goes on a diet the minute you starts a weigh-loss programme

- Flirts with the guys you're going out with

- Sounds irritated rather than pleased when you have good news like getting a promotion or meeting a fantastic new guy

- Talks about herself like she's her own PR person - full of what she's been doing and where and why - without ever bother to ask about you

- Rings you up to see what you're wearing to the party - but you can tell it's because she wants to outdo you not because she doesn't know what to wear

Credits to Stephanie Osfield

Sounds like someone familiar?

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