Friday, December 01, 2006


Welcome to my blog. Will be updating me and my baby's photo pretty soon. But furst *drum roll* i'm gonna tell you guys how I own this lil monster. Yes, she may look small but she's A MONSTER who plays non stop all day long.

Here goes. To cut the story short, I got Germaine from a Korean hunk. Her name was Sunny then. (Female with a male's name *giggles*) After much discussion on the price and stuff, we agreed on the price of RM750 includin cage, and some accessories. She's a non MKA dog but microchipped. I waited for a week for gg to pick up the dog and bring it all the way down to eE-pOh for me. I was so happy to have her. Don't know what i'm gonna do without her now. When she first arrived, I had loadsa sleepless nights. Ah maine was so active, biting me, pee and poo-ing everywhere. And seeing her grown up now, makes me proud. Tho she'll still cheeky. She just passed her 1st birthday on 28th November 2006. Happy Birthday Maine Maine :)

She has camera flash phobia. Whenever she sees me holding digi cam, she'll hide behind the couch *chuckles* cute ain't she? Here are some of her photos (some are blur tho; sumthin wrong with the settings) : -

Germaine @ 4 months old

Germaine's 1st outing to celeb her daddy's Bday @ Blu Cafe
(Look how tiny she is compared to now)

Germaine's Cage
(Will only go in to quench her thirst and sleep when i go to work)

Past and Present's Sleeping Nest

Leash with Bell for Kai Kai
(Can't get the thick type; so i settled for this)

She'd do anything for these

She actually stays pretty quiet and calm during shower sessions

Mummy..Mummy!~ I want my treat PLEASE XD

Getting fed up

Managed to take this shot of her waiting for her treat

Hand Hand Please

I guess that's all for today. Kinda lazy to snap so much pics. I took all this for Crystal cause she wanna see the stuffs Germaine owns. Crys's gonna get her new puppy on tuesday. I'm soo excited for her. LOL Her comet boy is a cute lil one. I bet a cheeky one too! Gonna continue watching my anime =P Death Note epi 3 *smirks*

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  1. Heh thanx for those pictures. Really can't wait for comet to come over to my house and belongs to me forever :P


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