Tuesday, December 05, 2006

X'mas Pressie Quest

Good day! Lately I've been snappin quite alot of Germaine's photo. Partly is because of ALL her childhood pics have been deleted due to software corruption *sigh* It's sad. Most of her cutuest photo is from there. Another reason was I wanted her to get used to posing in front of the digi cam. Some of the photos wasn't very clear. Nowadays her mood has become weird. She seemed more aggresive, attacked my cuzzy's hand, growling at the slightest thing, super protective. Might be the heat :-

Say Cheese!~ That's my lil monsterous 4 year old cuzzie, Lye Foong. She's VERY cute but VERY naughty as well. She can be as quiet as a rabbit at times, but when she's naughty she talks like a chatter-box. yada yada yada all the way. Crap..likes to torture my dog as well *grumbles*

My car was scratched yesterday!! *Ouch* I've been reading whole day doing research on Eastin and Sony Corp. This screen is killin my eyes. Going for interview tomorrow. Thank god Mr. Bean is kind enough to fetch me with his Mini Cooper *giggles* I'd be away for 3 days. Gonna miss ah Maine girl loads!

Hmmm...Anyone getting X'mas pressies yet? I need some idea of what to by for gg.

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