Saturday, December 09, 2006

Miss Germaine Darling

I miss my baby so much. Fatty told me that she curi maken-ed 6 Dao Sa Pia which my aunt brought back this evening from Penang. usual she kena whacked by Fatty. Maine girl, mummy bought you two new toys from KL ah. Mummy missed you so much *muax* Lunatic I am not. I just love my dog.

Here I am finally can online, but I'm still in Kay-El, chatting away with Crystal about musics *chuckles* while tong tong is gaming. As usual dotA-ing with his friends.

I was checking out on the buses's route in KL and PJ. But couldnt' seem to find the right one.

Too tiny for my eye to view..Hmmm can't maximize it even. Alot of stuffs troubling me lately. Busy looking for jobs, going for interviews, looking for a house ASAP, checking out buses routes and so forth. Oh not forgetting something, you guys should really pay a visit to MidValley man. The decos there was superb. I was really amazed by it. Really creative especially durnig X'mas. I remembered they have this snow machine last year. I saw some at dunno which court at 3rd Floor this year. I missed last year's "snow" :( Hopefully they'll set up the machines this year again. Forgot to bring my camera. They have this show at a certain time of the day, people dressing up as Chefs and Cooks. It was undescribable. Go take a look at yourselves.

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