Monday, December 04, 2006

Hazardous Connection

Argh..don't know WTF is wrong with the server today..Couldn't publish what I typed earlier on and now I have to redo the whole thing. TSK! Congrats to Comet for being such an obedient boy. Can't wait to see you when I'm there *smooches* These two are my fav pics of him. *giggles* :-

Aw..isn't he a cutie pie? Today, spend two bloody hours to go thru a 285 pages of IKEA's catalogue *grumbles* They oughta do something with the connection nowadays. Bad bad!! Anyway feel pretty excited cause I'd be moving to KL soon. Get to decorate my room =P But when reality hits, it's only a RENTED Condo. But when I have a house of my own in the future I'm gonna buy all the stuffs from IKEA..if I can afford to *day-dreams* Here's a preview of some of my favs :-

*yawns* Pretty tired after a long day. Not getting enough sleep man. Should be going to KL tomorrow. I'm having two interviews on Wednesday *shrugs* and dentist appointment! Urgh!

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