Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Photo Taking Process

Everytime I tried taking photo of Germaine, she will run and hide behind the couch or underneath the table. She's afraid of the flash light. Maybe I scared her when she was young. How do I make her to get used to the camera?

Oh no mummy is taking that thing again. *runs and hide underneath the table*

Aw man! I got caught and place on top of a double stacked cushion chair. I better not look at that "thing" It's blinding me!~

*Drooling* Mummy,s holding a treat. a BIG one. Mummy I want..I'll do whatever you please XD

Say Cheese! XD

*After takin the treat* OK Mummy, no more please. One last one and I'll jump down.


  1. hey juin..thanks ur baby's an angel :)

  2. hey Germaine, you've been christmas tagged!! Read my blog to find out what it is all about!


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