Tuesday, December 12, 2006


*Drum Rolls* Introducing Wii! The Wii (pronounced as the pronoun "we") is a video game console released by Nintendo. The console was previously known by its project code name of Revolution, and is the successor to the Nintendo GameCube. Officially launched @ 19th November 2006, has sold out more than 1 million game consoles as of 7th December 2006. IMHO, this is a very unique console. I shall post up some videos on how the Wiimote is being used to play games. Meantime, just browse through the photoes below. Ric has been coaxing me into buying this =P Previously was NDSL. Now, Wii. I wish I have the cash. This console is currently sold @ approximately RM1.9K. One thing which attracted me is they have Pokemon game and secondly, the Wiimote.

Attractive game console. Can I have one for X'mas please?

Top view of the Wii Box

Comparison of Wiimote and Nintendo DS Lite

The amazing Wiimote


Okay. So much for the introduction of Wii. Though I know not much about this console, but I shall learn more. Beware Ric. Gonna bombared you with millions of question. There goes my crappy review of Wii. Bye bye PS3! Wii rules!


  1. lol, Wii will not rival PS3 mind you, its the X360 that will put PS3 to shame.

    Wii will prevails no matter what happen between the PS3 and the X360. Wii FTW!

  2. ahaha ya my bad. noobie mar. lolz wuts FTW?

  3. Heyy my friend blogged bout this b4 as well


    Got a video..COOL! ^.^


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