Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I stumbled upon this phone during yumcha session @ kopitiam yesterday. The first thing which attracted me was the small label with a butterfly look alike logo. The phone belongs to Ren, my bro's secondary schoolmate. It's a 16M Color TFT Screen 3G phone, with 3MP Camera. The set back of the camera is that it's kinda slow when it comes to responding. I could only hear the Click sound after like 3 seconds of pressing the Snap button. And it is NOT a Symbian phone. So you can't download third party software. Overall, the functions are worth the price. This phone has got the outlook as well as functions. Those who like flip phones but couldn't afford the N93, you can consider buying this phone.

Notice the Butterfly Like Logo on the side of the phone?

Just finished my lunchie, mee with mushroom and minced chicken sauce. Yummy! Germaine rushed into the kitchen when my granny was cooking it. Heh. No Maine..you can't eat. Shoved her out of the kitchen and there she was sleeping under the Pc table.

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