Wednesday, July 20, 2011

for the umpteenth time...

shucks I'm so bored, loitering aimlessly in facebook and my eyes are pathetically tired. still, reluctant to sleep.

imma update on some pics. my diving gears :P

kinda regret gettin a red one. can't match pink fins wtf and yellow rash guard?!

my reg - sherwood

and BCD which gave me the wrong size and imma still waitin. how am I gonna go Tioman without it this weekend? ohhh btw it's gonna be my first official dive since I got me license. ngiak ngiak.

that's about it.

next, all bout reds. i love Liverpool. I love fowler. After the match, makes me want to visit Anfield and officially watch BPL moarrrrr but sadly bee said they're gonna bring the stadium down.

training session 140711

no gerrard no suarez but there's king Kenny <3

had to stand on chair to watch and the freakin woman behind me keep flippin her smelly scarf and bag at me.

LFC vs Malaysia - 160711

You'll never walk alone bitch!! :P

xoxo. ❥ ann

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