Friday, April 29, 2011

Wishin' you were here...

In life, men I've met, good ones are few and rare. One of em, whom I loved a lot, is a responsible man who showers me with unconditional love, knows my name, remembers the first flick we went together, never forgets the things i said, never shout at me even when he's angwee, wants thing that's best for me, never ogle at other women, sacrifices his time without complainin, loyal, patience, hugs me when i cry, takin care of me when i'm sick, appreciates the gifts I bought him, and kind. You inspired me, gave me the courage to never give up on love. Because I've seen and felt what's it like to be the only girl in the world when he's around. No one can ever replace you. No one is comparable.

Once in a while, this happens. Me being a crybaby, especially when i think of him. Tears just comes easily, definitely not using em as a threat.

I miss you so so much, daddy. Its been two years...

xoxo. ❥

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