Sunday, April 24, 2011

once a week.

don't promise if you're not capable of keepin it.

don't tell me those are jokes, when you really mean it.

don't tell me i'm beautiful, when you can't take your eyes off other women.

don't tell me you can't love, just because you don't know.

don't tell me you didn't do it, just because you're lazy.

don't tell me you'd give me the stars, when you can't be bothered to watch em with me.

don't give excuses, when all you can think of are lies.

don't lie, if you said you love me.

don't love me, if you intend to do all the above repetitively.

my trust is limited.

don't take things for granted.

don't regret for the things you've said and done.

limited memory we humans may have, but i do remember. for each and every word from you is as important as my own life.

xoxo. ❥ ann

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