Monday, April 18, 2011

囧囧 post

today colleague asked what does gwing means...*grins*

囧 pronounced as 'jiǒng' (jiong3) in Mandarin and 'gwing' in Cantonese.

mostly made it's appearances in chinsese bbs, forums, sms-es, and chatrooms. and is often used to describe your anger, upset-ness, disappointment, embarrassment, or failure.

the big 囗 in 囧 stands for your face,八 for your eyebrows,the small 口 stands for a open mouth. so normally you use 囧 to show your totally gobsmacked.


jasper : i ate 100 hamburgers last night!

alice : 囧

jiong3 can also be used when you're hit with troubles or setbacks.
most of us prolly have know what 'Orz' means. to those who have zero knowledge, it's used to show your surprise or shock. You've got me! or, OMG! nowadays, peeps usually do a combination of 囧 and Orz, 囧rz, representin a person on their hands and knees (jiong3 forming the face, while r and z represent arms and legs respectively) and symbolisin despair or failure.

more interestin gwing gwing words xD
囧rz : a combination of 囧 and ORZ.

崮rz : a king in the kingdom of 囧, means your very good at 囧.haha

莔rz : queen of 崮rz

商rz : a 囧 with a hat.

冏rz : this is 商rz's wife.

gwing gwing  sneakers, which was popular back  in 2008.

cute nor?
one piece gwing gwing face

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