Thursday, January 06, 2011

On Relationships...

Startin of a new relationship makes you feel new, happy, tensed and optimistic all together. That's what they say. I begged to differ. Maybe for the first 6 months to one year, yes. However, what if all these turns into negative feelings when your relationship has been less than six months old? I do understand that most of us wonders if we are good enough for each other or haunted by fear and insecurity if it is ever going to work out. Guess, the majority falls on the latter one. Sometimes we let our imperfections get in the way. We ask ourselves myriads of questions. Is he going to like my bulging stomach, when I'm naked or complains that I snore or eat too much. But who says your new boyfriend doesn't have his own?

New relationship actually involves more than the uproar of' yes I've got her now'. Or its more to 'I've found him at last'? It entails some things that we often neglect. First things first. Never rush yourself into a relationship. Opt to be friends first and spend time together. Friendship is a good thing to build a relationship on, once you have a good foundation, you build on it. New relationship need time to grow. You need to spend time together to analyze yourself and determine if truly you want to be together. Sometimes we need to know where the relationship is heading, but just spending quality time together. Good communication plays an important role. Share with the love of your life things about you, reveal new things about you that you know your partner will love as you get along. This way gets to know and understand each other.
I realize that some of the people I know, they may have seperate indentities when they're with their boyfys and when they're with friends. IMHO, why can't they just be natural, be themselves? They are trying to be someone whom they are not, pretendin' to be nice, and the lamest part was to pretend to like things he /she like. Why the tag along? I think they should do things together that are both pleasing to both parties, not forcing them to like what they themselves enjoy. Have your own opinion about things when you want. Just be you. Let him or her see the real you. To the ladies, well make ups is nice but don't let tones of make up define who you are. try being natural once in a while. Your guy will not only see a new side of you, he will love you for just being you. If he loves you for who you are, definitely he wouldn't mind you with the naked face.

Having similar goals and dreams with your partner, too, is the best part to me when it comes to relationships. It helps both person to grow. Spending time together doing the things both liked actually cements the relationship and also brings you closer to each other. Basically do not be afraid to voice yourself. Most of us are afraid or treating your partner as a trivial. These patterns build up over the time. You may mute yourself, but bare in mind that he or she will continue with the same behaviour..and you may guess what happens next.

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