Monday, January 03, 2011

Late NY post

Happy New Year and belated merry X'mas to all <3

So much to do but so lil' time to blog. Loadsa pictars to post but mostly you can see it in my FB album. *grins*

This year was Johnson and I, our first X'mas and NY together. He wa sweet enough to organize a small makan session with our kawan kana sekalian. Cooking done by all by the host himself. Among the dishes served was curry chicken, mashed potato, beef spaghetti, and bread. Sorry no pictures taken of the sexy chef on the preparation of food. However, mashing of the potatoes were done by Sook Wai and I. Bloody process made my hand to ache for three consecutive days!! It was unbearable on the first night that i'd woke up crying. Yoko Yoko doesn't help much either. Urgh.

The presses I get this year...

From bee <3 love it!

A cute one from Crystal and it's the first one I got from her =)

From Paige darling <3

And a hush puppy plush from Siew Mai to germaine..if you'd notice the right eye was a bit retarded. Guess who's the culprit?

Posing while waiting for her treat.

Those they aren't expensive gifts but it's the thoughts that count!! Love you all..

And comes new year was a trip to Penang.

It wasn't a planned one. Siew Mai unintentionally invited us to go along as Tune Hotel was having cheap promo. She paid 130 bucks for two nights. That's for early birds booking. Ours was booked in two weeks advance so it cost us about 30 bucks extra. The room was all right just that I wasn't too comfy with the commotion made by other hotel tenants opening and closing their room's door and those who laughed and talked out loud. The air con, the hair dryer and basically everything runs by prepaid system. One setback was they do not have TV in the room. What I love most would be the super huge shower head *grins* however you wouldn't want to stay long inside the shower due to the drainage system. The outflow of water is just too slow that you can feel it's flooding inside.

The hotel is located in Burma Road and it's pretty convenient as there's a 7-11 store just downstairs. There's also Starbucks and Oldtown for caffeine lovers. In need of toiletries or forgotten your cotton buds? There's a Guardian pharmacy nearby. You can fix your hunger binge by dropping by New World Park food court (food not that nice lah).

Food wise, I'm gonna do it on another day on a different post.

First spot we went was Kek Lok Si temple. God knows how long I've never been to this place eventho i do visit Penang occasionally.

Time for some camwhore pics xD

The end!!

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