Friday, January 08, 2010


Korean BBQ @ Kuchai Lama

No. of pax : 2 person

Choice of menu : Shabu shabu for 2 pax (They also have BBQ style)

It is not difficult to locate this shop which is situated above 2369 (cafe which is famous for fish head vercimille).

I don't quite like the environment, it's spacious but the owner prolly had to make it this way to avoid customers being choked to death by smoke :P Though they have the vacuum like hose to suck it away but it still manage to made me cough. But the owner, a Korean lady I believe is full with smile though she was busy running to and fro the kitchen.

This set is made for 2 pax where you can get 10 free side dishes *grins* - Kimchi and potato salad were my favourite. As for the main set, you can choose between pork, beef, chicken or seafood.

We ordered slices of pork as side dish =) this is yummy as the pork was sliced into super thin strips.

This comes with the 10 free dishes. I dunno what's it called but it's nice.

This is Kimchi Ramen which I did not finish it after one scoop muahahaha.

Set : RM59
Pork : RM20
Ramen : RM13

Total cost including beverages : RM104++

P/s : oh btw the soup base is of radish =)

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Location:Jalan 2/149d,Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

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