Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Eff this shit!

I'm gonna talk about this guy.

This particular annoyin dude who never PHAILED to erupt the volcano in me. Shall I call him a fucker?

He's been pissing me on and off everyday without fail. I don't know how the eff he manage to do it. It's been continously for days or weeks.

He's a weirdo, seriously. Added me through Facebook, randomly. It started with normal conversations such as, what are the places to hunt for good food, bout our jobs, political issues (which I rarely speak about coz I don't want to know) and facebook.

That's it. On and on, he'd keep saying "Oh you're so funky.", "Tutu is a funky name", "You're so mysterious that the things you posted in FB, no one knows what I'm talkin bout" Annoyin, annoyin, annoyin!

Then there's the normal request asking me to introduce him girls. So I introduced him one of my Ipoh girl friend. Little did I know, it turned out that he was buggin her life off asking her peculiar questions. about me! Fuck that. Apaprently, he told her that he liked me. How on earth can he like me when he just knew me for not even half a year and have yet to meet me personally?

He's just weird. He'd try to impress me but things always end up in a one side heated arguement. I'd be the one screwing him upside down.Either way, I'd stfu and just shut the chat window off. But he'd come back. "Annie u there?" "Knock knock?"

Most of the time he'd  be talking to the wall. Like he just click on someone in his MSN list and say whatever he wants to say - irrelevant stuffs most of the time.

Okay. Example!

One conversation which happened yesterday that I remembered.

"Do you wear make up?"
-Yeah. Why?
"But you look natural. Doesn't look like you applied ICI"
- ICI? *pretendin*
"Yeah as in foundation where girls put on their face till white white to attract guys"
- wtf? My eyes are small and I can't live without eyeliner and yes I do put foundation. When a girl's face looked like ghost, it means they're using the wrong shade.(why did I even bother explainin?!)
"Oh no, my girl friends told me that's the right thing to do" (something like that. I don't quite remembered wtf he said)
- I was like, wtf? are your friends trannies?

And today.

"Do you know how much is kai woh bao in Sri Petaling?" (It's bun with glutinous chicken rice wrapped inside"
- Dunno
"With your current body size, do you think you can hentam 2 x of that?"
-wtf? I don't like eating that.
"Do you like dim sum?"
"What do you like? Har Kao? Siu Mai?"
- $%^%$&Y^%$&%^*&^*

OMFG. Someone kill meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.  I've never seen such annoying people in my life.


Ahhhhh, I shall stop before this whole thing spoils my mood. Effin hungry now. Craving for bento.*frowns*


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. i just kept LOL-ing. that guy is wicked sick man. =P

  2. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh what is so farnee leh =(


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