Monday, September 07, 2009

September babies

Tomorrow's gonna be a big day to one of my dearest friend and my lovely cousin sister.

No words can express how much I missed you guys. It sux to be in KL without all of you, yes including you too, Yenn! =) *sigh*

But anyways, I wanted to wish you guys Happy Birthday. *hugs* (No, they're not gonna get married. They barely know each other. Do I sounded like they're getting married? ROFLMAO!) It's a blessing gettin to know you Teddy and we're fated to be cousins Yenn. Hahah I expect to see you guys next week when I go back Ipoh. It's sad I can't join your birthday party @ Golf Club, Yenn. But I'll make it up to you and Teddy too. Enjoy yourselves in Barroom with Kelvin in singlet and slippers?! LOL.

I love you guys!

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