Wednesday, May 20, 2009


It's about time for me to post something. Hee..I was reading on a note by my colleague Yohgi in FB where one of her friend's niece nearly got abducted by strangers. A similar incident happened to Mavis at Bukit Bintang the other day. Thank god her boyfriend grabbed her away on time. Her face was bruised due to punching and face hitting on the car. Damn those Mat Rempits, I hope you all die and get burnt in hell. There were two other girls involved as well. One Chinese girl was lying on the floor. She was trying to get up and the Mat Rempit kept kicking her face and said, "Oh..nak bangun yer? Hahaha" not letting her get up. Sickening bastards!!! So, girls and guys as well out there, be very careful and don't loiter around.

Some picture updates. Hee. That's my department's Futsal shirt with Miki embossed on it..getting ready for Bakuteh in Kepong. The famous Kaka BKT. I wouldn't say it's super nice but overall, it was okay. The rice's nice. =)

# Kaka Bakuteh in Kepong #

# Desert after BKT at Mill Wheel #


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