Sunday, March 08, 2009

Life's a Biatch!

Yeah. I cut my bangs, wanted to straight the rest of it but it was such a hassle. One word, laziness. That's me.

Anyways, I managed to get some new clothes as well. *chuckles*

Life's bored lately. I've finished One Piece and I just hate waiting every week for a fresh episode. So I started indulging myself on Bleach. Boring.

Nothing excites me except for One Piece and Naruto!! Ohhh..I have another one, introduced by Seamus, comics by the late Ito Junji. (Heard he was a dentist and he passed away) If you try search on Google, you'll notice his masterpiece. Spiral (Uzumaki) is my favourite! Huhu. do check it out for yourself. Something new at least.

Aight, going out for dinner now.

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