Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I would like to file a complain!

A complain against the owner who rented us the house, the property agent and also the previous tenant.

Before we get started, some leftover pics to update the blog.

I kissed a girl! ROFLMAO.

Back to the story. The people who was involved would be :-

Irresponsible owner - Mr. Hoon

Lazy Agent - Veronica

MIA full-of-debt tenant - Mr. Choong

Bitchy neighbours staying opposite - bitches do not have names

When I first viewed this house, there were roaches on the floor. Dead ones. I requested for her to arrange for someone to clean the house. What she said was, "It's quite clean already. Even if we do it, it'd just be simple cleaning." Fuck you Veronica! Do you know how much time we spend to clean the house?!?!? Do you know how dirty is the bloody fridge? The washing machine leaks and a KO-ed TV. I did test everything on the spot, except for the washing machine of course. And as for the TV, she said it was due to the antenna problem.

We tested the lights, fan, shower head (the water pressure was fucking weak) and the keys as well.

"All right. Any outstanding debts?? What's that Astro antenna doing there?"

"Don't worry. Just refer to the owner if you have any doubts. Since he is staying so freaking near, he'd come and fix it for you in no time"

1 week after settling payment, I came to clean the house alone. When I tried to clean Jason's room upstairs. I found it was locked by itself from the inside. I tried to open it with the bunch of keys I had but non of em fit.

"Why did the door closed by itself in the first place? Even if it's the wind it wouldn't lock the door by itself from inside."

I remembered I tried opening all of the doors in the house. It worked. And wtf happened today?

I never thought of it until my bro told me, "Could it be that this house is haunted?"


To cut the story short, we manage to get the owner to change the door knob.

It took us about 5 days to get the house cleaned. We aired the sofa, cleaned everything from top to bottom.

Jason and Alan moved in while I was still staying at my boo's place. Every off day, I will transform myself to become their maid. Cleaning up everything and doing laundry for the two Master.

What I find weird was why is there dead roaches in the kitchen all the time?

"Maybe there's an angel who protects the kitchen, that's why they all went dead"


Later only did I realize, that it was due to the ventilation fan. I didn't know the fan can be adjusted. Either to suck in or out. Stupid me.

After a month staying....letters started coming in.

Streamyx, Astro, Maybank, McDonald's, Aeon, etc etc.

I saw one from a lawyer firm. So, I opened it and found out that the previous owner, Alex Choong Sing Kit, owed bloody Astro about 300 bucks, Streamyx 600 bucks and MBB credit cards 5K!!!

So, decided to call owner to tell him to settle all these balances. Why the heck did Veronica told me there was no outstanding balance? He did not answer my call. He did call back but during my working hours. After SMS-ing him instead to inform him the whole story, he did not even reply.

So, I SMS the agent as well. Same goes to the bloody bitch. Never bother to reply.

I called Astro and TMNet, to request for them not to send anymore BILLS to this address anymore!!

The only time that owner reply our SMS was when it's time to pay up. His SMS will sound like this :

"Bro, bank in rental pls. TQ"

Who the hell is bro, old man? Don't try to act like your damn young ok? Serves you right that none of your maid lasted long!!!

In a frustrated manner I'd reply, "Didn't I tell you that we will bank in before 7th as per contract? Why do you keep calling us during our working hours? We're not free like you and our working hours are abnormal."

Why the heck you go apply for EON Bank in the first place? Stupid.

He'd always SMS us during 1st or 2nd of the month. That's so irritating. Why on earth do you want us to bank in the money promptly each month but on the other hand you did not fullfill our requirements?

So last week, I couldn't stand it anymore. I SMS-ed Veronica instead of Mr. Hoon. I doubt that he'd understand what I'm trying to tell him anyways. Let the agent do the work! She's responsible for it.

"Please inform owner that the washing machine is leaking, tv is out of color and there's a big amount of outstanding balance in the streamyx bill which caused us unable to apply for an Internet line which is affecting my job at the mo. Do you expect me to go our in the midle of the night to online despite my strange working hours? Why would owner want us to pay rental every month but he doesn't attend to us? FYI, the rental that we pay, includes the TV as well. I hope you understand my situation and put yourself in my shoes"

And she replied,

"Owner mentioned that he was unable to do anything regarding the bill. You may apply a new line. As for washing machine arrange yourself with the owner. Owner mentioned that you guys does not pay up on time. Please make sure yo bank in before payment date"

At this point, my head was burning already...

To Veron : "Please note that my working hours is UNLIKE normal working hours as you know I'm working under ****, and I've already informed owner that we will bank in every month."

To Owner : "Mr Hoon, you do not have to SMS us to chase us for payment every month. We're not kids. We won't run away with your rental. If you expect us to pay up every month, pls take neccessary action now and provide us with a solution."

The reply I got was..Font size

Owner : "Don't try to talk to me like that as if you smart girl. Please pay up. TQ" (Should I laugh or get angry??)

Me : " I'm not trying to act smart Mr. Hoon. What bout our request? Streamyx?"

Owner : "You may apply new line"

WTF. The money is already in your bank and did you actually go check? Is "pay up" the only word you know? Fuck you old man! I have no respect for you at all!

I was so damn angry with both of them now.

This is gonna be a damn long post.

And as for the bitchy neighbour. She and her sisters and mother stays opposite to mine. They have 2 cars. And the house on the right to mine, is vacant. Owner does come by weekly to clean the house and collect letters. Eventually, there's an empty space in front of the house lah! So these bitchy family, will park one car in front of their gate and another car will park in front of the vacant house, crossing over to my house.

Damn many times we've horn them due to insufficient parking space. The bitches just walk out and show black face without even saying sorry. I see your face I feel like puking!! Everyday they're doing this. I feel like scratching you car and throwing rotten eggs at you.

The neighbour on the left, is a normal one. Oh, btw, they have a very cute brownish bunny! =)

Longest entry for the year *chuckles*

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