Friday, May 16, 2008


What do you do when the maid did something ET to irritate you?! I mean on purpose..yes how do you act? Oh, I forgot to mention, my boo's maid. I kept quiet after the first few times in order to prevent arguement. She has pretty bad manenrs when comes to housekeeping, I just felt like I couldn't stand her anymore and giving her two tight slap. What she did all these while was..

- Not washing the laundry by taking it out from the laundry bag and placing it back UNFOLD into the wardrobe. So, one day when I noticed how come the shirt I wore yesterday night was already inside the wardrobe the next morning, I sniffed and the fishy smell was there (cause I went fishing). So I told my boo, he wanted to scold her. But I stopped him, wantin to give her 2nd chance.!

- Placing the clothes that she don't want to wash into another tong several times. I took it up and put it into the laundry bag, but the next morning the clothes will jump back into ther tong.

- The day I brought meimei back (was babysitting her for 5 days. In case you don't know, meimei's a silky terrier), we slept at the upstairs living hall (cause my boo's brother has asthma so don't wanna create more problems) and meimei was places inside her crate during sleeping hours. The next mornin when I woke up to feed her, the bloody maid was mopping the floor, I place her on the tilam that I was sleeping, and the maid suddenly shouted at me "Jangan letak atas tilam lah..KOTOR LAH". I ignored her and went back to sleep. The next thing she went down and "hock si fei" to don't know who, cause I heard her.

- Every Tuesday she mops the room and washes the toilet. So every early morning she will come in, banging the door, off the a/c or fan and banging hard on the bed when mopping the floor.

- And TODAY, I really beh tahan already. It was early in the morning, she uses a fucking god knows what stick to bang on the window of my boo's room. And said something like MAMA panggil bangun, don't know what crap (referring to my boo's mum which is not even home yet). Btw, it's a 2 and a half storey bungalow and wtf is she trying to do banging like that? Hello? There's a door for you to knock!!!

After all these chaos, I complained to my boo. And he himself couldn't stand the stupid KUAI LAN maid anymore, he confronted his mum. And we found out that the maid was about to go back to her own fucking country, that's why she is showing color faces to EVERYONE in the house. And the funniest part is she said I did not respect her by not talking to her in the house. For heaven's sake, I did not even see her around the house and what is there to talk to her?! Lies!! Damn her for saying meimei dirty and not knowing how CLEAN is she herself by getting herself pregnant with someone not even her husband and got the baby aborted!! Biatch!!

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