Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I've been Tagged

I've been tagged by Stella Mui

Real Name: Annie Ooi
Nickname: Miki, Fei Nie, Nie Nie, nienietong, banyak lagi
Married: Certainly not
Male/Female: Female
High school: Main Convent, Ipoh
College: Err...TARC Kampar and Olympia Ipoh & KL
Are You A Healthy Freak?: No I eat alot of junks
Do You Have A Crush On Someone?: Yes..Celebrities
Do You Like Yourself?: Sure do.

Surgery: So far, NIL. Touch Wood. If I do, I'd faint.
Person You See In The Morning: Boo
Award: What award?
Sport You Join: Currently, fishing =D Lurve it.
Vacation: Came back from Penang, growing fatter.
Concert: Unpaid: HotLink Tour with the Local Bands. Paid: Leslie Cheung, Sammi Cheng
Drink: Any kinda liquids. Not pee tho.

I'm About To: Dota.

Your future..
Want Kids: Yes in fact.
Want To Get Married: 2 years to come
Careers In Mind: Pet Groomer. No more dream to own a pet shop cause I'd rugi. Don't have the heart to sell off those puppies.

Which is better?
Lips Or Eyes?: Nose. I hate those two.
Hugs Or Kisses?: Both?
Shorter Or Taller?: Wish I was taller
Romantic Or Spontaneous?: Spontaneously romantic =)
Sensitive Or Loud?: Sensitive.
Troublemaker Or Hesitant?: I'm a troublemaker :P

Have you ever..
Kissed A Stranger?: Yes, doggies. Loadsa em.
Drank Bubbles: Beer bubbles?
Lost Glasses / Contacts: Nope/
Ran Away From Home: Nearly.
Liked Someone Younger: Absolutely
Broke someone's heart: Err...guess so.
Been arrested: For speeding yes =P Boleh tolong kah?Cried when someone died: Grandpa and my hamsters.

Do you believe in..
Yourself: I'm in doubt all the time
Miracles: Never happen to me before.
Magic: Yes If David Blane would perform in front of me :P
Angels: Yes perhaps.

Answer truthfully..
Is There Someone You Want To Be With Right Now?: I'm already with.

Tag 5 ppl:
Crystal, Teng Teng (Bobo's Mummy), Samantha (Rocio's Mummy), Cathy dear (Copper zai's mama) and hmmmm...Hughie.

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