Thursday, May 29, 2008

Irresponssible Seller from LYN

How often do u bump into a irresponssible seller when shopping online? I've been buying from sallywei, the so called eyeliner introduced at Ladies First (It's a TV show).

I ordered last Wednesday 21st May, and she promised that it'll arrive on Friday 23rd May. But the item was no where to be seen. Few days later, 28th May, which is yesterday, still no sign of it. So I went back to Ipoh in the morning. So when I freakin reached Ipoh I PM-ed her. And the respond was..

"this ur tracking number.
can check in pos's delivery oledi...
can go pos office to take it.."

Huh? Delivered? Go post office take? Okay so I told her since it's so mafan and I won't be able to go and collect it immediately, I will inform her when I go get it. By evening, my boo came back from work he told me the item was there. But it was broken when he opened it. The pencil was wrapped with bubble wrap. The cover and body was cracked, the lead melted and the whole thing was so oily. You wanna see the pics?!? Scroll down..

So, I confronted her, and..

i already told u it's delivered already....u told me u din get it so i just tel u can go pos office to take it using tracking number coz i check in pos website the things was DELIVERED.
i din tel u it's no arrive!
it's broken???
u can post me the pic here...y u wan post to my thread?=,=" "

"i really post out to u after you make the payment..i think u can see the DATE there....i donno y it din arrive on last friday...this is the postman problem...i oso cant help u....coz pos express is 1-3 days delivery....pos to KL just need 1 day only....i got post it safely already...maybe need more "tebal" i think....sorry ya....
it's melted already?coz too many days already i think,if 1 day deliver to ur house wont like tat 1..
you still want the eyeliner?u can pay me the postage rm3 then i post to u again....

Notice the this is the postman problem i also can't help u? Damn it! Not only she tried to push responsibilities but not prodiving a good service as well. Don't expect me to give u any testimonials. Why do I made such a big fuss out of this? The point is not about the money! I'm actually not satisfied with the way she talk to me. Plus, she did not even offer to compensate but asked for extra 3 freakin bucks from me to send me another one. I told her to forget bout it. What say you?

Can't really see the cracks huh? Taken by N95..

Another one...the outer side looks's the lead which has already melted


The packaging..

Don't expect me to buy anything from you again -.-

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