Monday, May 26, 2008

Belle Belle

Time for updates. Just got my ass back from Pulau Ketam today. Joey, the stray mongrel was there. She belongs to nobody but everyone in the village loves her. What amazed me was, she obeys English command and she knew 'Sit', 'Hand' and 'Leave'. Din get to take her pics tho. Gonna miss her loads.

Last Sat was supposed to meet up with Chris at the MKA Event @ South City Plaza, but I woke up late. So he came over for lunch. Luckily I din go cause there was a big lorry where all the loaded stocks tumbled over and flooded the highway with boxes. Thus, caused a massive jam. My point is, I get to meet one of his precious..FINALLY!!

Look at her, isn't she a beauty? Changed alot.

Hard to take a still shot of Belle Belle.

At night, had to attend my boo's cousin siser's wedding dinner @ Puchong's Tai Tong.

The decorations, nothing special. When I looked at the menu, it gave me the 'Heritage Hotel' feel. tsk tsk!

Woohoo long time no see, babe!

Who's this with flowerish ah pek shirt? =P

Wanted to take a shot @ Xin Yuen...look at the peeps behind. faints* (my boo's brothers and cousin)

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