Thursday, January 03, 2008

Thursday Blues

I felt so emo today. am feelin emo now still. the inside of me is gonna explode anytime soon. filled up with mixed feeling which I couldn't bring it out with words. maybe I should try meditation. go back to my NDSL. or just indulge myself in sleep, never to wake up. never having to face with choices in my life. with the homosapiens I love. but my babies. come to think of it, it's been two weeks since I see em. I missed em so much. I miss having them beside me when I sleep. cuddling em. seeing both of them perform tricks just to get a taste of the treat that they knew I'd reward them. wagging their tails when seeing me. they knew how to mke my day. with a lil love and care for the lil two monkeys, and what I get in return is two best companion for life. I love u both so muchie. why can't just human do the same I wonder?
There's too much guessing and question marks inside me which I am longing to find out. why can't things just be a lil bit simpler? too much whys. like a story I read from Chicken Soup Series, why hide when you can't love? Why love when you hurt? Simply, means, don't love someone when u can't even reveal yourself. and do not love when u intend to hurt that someone. to cut the story short, this weird man who doesn't reveal much of himself, wanna try dating this gal. but his character just changes weirdly until the girl doesn't know what is on his mind. what can she do? The ending? Get yourself that book and read it - Love and Relationship Series.
Pardon me for being so emo today. Don't know what has got into me. Happy New Year peeps. Happy 2008 to myself

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