Thursday, January 10, 2008

Drained =(

I'm so wet wtf. Been sitting at Starbucks for two freakin hours to connect to the net, just to check some particulars, while watching HK Drama, finally, connected. But alas, lightning strikes and thunder roared so loudly wtf. Rained began to fall so heavily and the wind was so strong, that i was all soaked wet even sitting under a covered roof. Darn. Quickly, I had to packed everything...laptop bag, charger, my cup of coffee and my bag wtf I was all wet by the time I finished. Where the heck is my cousin? *shrugs*
Yesterday, I went for National Treasure 2 for the second time. This time I find this movie fascinating. How things can connect to one another and Ben's very good in puzzle! Hohoho. I couldn't really concentrate when watching the first time *giggles*. I was able to notice more detail stuff the 2nd time I watched. Life's so boring. I wanted to watch AVP tho some said it was a flop..alien eating humans and creatures fighting in the dark *moans*
I'm starting to miss Stoney. *giggles* He's such a cutie pie and he has this innocent look. According to Dax nobody likes playing with him. Everyone got scared of Stoney when they go for a visit. But I loved him so so much. He was fed with Alpo wtf -.- And he drinks from the praying avatar.


  1. Wow....look like u more cham than me ? :P

  2. You sound like you were high when u wrote this, nie, LOL


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