Friday, January 04, 2008

Craving for Tong Sui




to eat

QueensPark's tong sui (Stalls operation at night pposite Carefour in Cheras) *slurps* The Pork Noodle is very nice too. *Sigh* Hungry hungry. I wanan go on diet!! Yet, yesterday night I shoved one medium sized bowl of rice down my throat, pork balls, soy sauce with sliced pork, ginger steamed chicken, fish, and some vege. Guilty, guilty and guilty.

Oh, btw did you know they have MNG and Esprit concept store there? Can et good bargain sometimes...the time I went they have 40% discount. Time to shower. Tsk this laptop's bluetooth is not working. Can't transfer photos from my phone. *sobs*

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