Thursday, December 20, 2007

What jealousy can lead people to?

Wow someone actually thought that I liked you man. Yes you. You know who you are. This is freakishly funny. Some people just think of ways to get back to you huh? Hey biatch, FYI, during our outings, there wasn't even once that we were alone. Ask Jill, ask my friends. They saw us u dork! And I'm not as bitchy as you, flirting around with guys, using more than one account to disguise yourself, hiding urself in MSN, and even hook up with guys whom you've never even met before? Not only one guy yanno? Few guys at once. Of course, there are some, who remained loyal fans. Standing up for her, protecting her, when they don't even know her real identity. Maybe from her perspective, she just couldn't resist guy's attention and temptations to bed them. If she wants all the attention take it. I couldn't care less. People who knew me in real life know what kinda person I am anyway. Yes I am straight forward and many don't like me. Way loads better than acting like a goody 2 shoes, attending church, learning this and that. All crap and lies! This is the most funny thing that has ever happened to me this month. Thank you lord for creating such a weird nutcase bitch for me to know, plus experiencing on ways to handle such kind of person. Not much people get this kinda chance you know. Any guys interested with this piece of shit? I'd be more than glad to introduce her to you. See how jealous can cause someone to act? Freaks me out man. I give up. Take all the guys you wants and freakin stay in the virtual world of yours and let em fuck till you get STDS or HIV, cyberly. MUhahahahahaha!! Till then, i wish you good luck. ROFLMAO! Man, I sound evil, but you never knew what actually happened. If you don't just shut the hell up before you try opening your mouth to shoot at me. Adios! Happy weekend guys =)~

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  1. Chill!! hehe sigh..this world is full of bitches! they get jealous, then start creating rumours of you..dead annoying!

    nvm! ignore them! and have a



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