Thursday, December 06, 2007

Naruto Shippuden

Naruto craze is back..for me. Being not a very otaku fans, but I love Naruto. I read and watch both, but I prefer anime more than manga because of the sound effect and all. Watched the latest few episodes which I stopped few months ago..Boy, they've all grown up so much..

Gaara is so hot =P The episode where he 'died', that was the most touching episode I've ever watched. *sob*

Lee, still with the never give up spirit. He looked cute sometimes, but on other angles, his eyes looked too big and a doll.

Shikamaru and Naruto =)~ *drools*

Neji...his voice is so sexy. Look at his hair..haha


Chioji...looking more and more like his papa

Hinata..has grown so lovely. But still. faints whenever Naruto confronts her haha!

Lastly, the new member of Kakashi Team..Sai (ANBU member)

Oh by the way, I just found out that Naruto's voice is of a woman's. *sweats*

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