Monday, November 19, 2007

Went through Peik Shean darling's blog, boy she sure blog alot. Same goes to Sharon, Tim, etc etc. Thanks for the birthday wish Tim and everyone else. Celebrated @ Say Yes. Guess most of you guys don't know where it is. Not popular place =P I guess since I quit my last job I don't have the time to go online even. First, I don't have internet connection at Ridzuan Condo. And Secondly, now I don't even have connection in Sri Petaling. Haha. Worse is, there's no Internet connection inside my office. Why? That's because the previous staffs kept downloading viruses into the PC and my boss ended up restricting connection to the PCs. Only his office has Internet connection. I'm so bored. Gawd kill me please. I'm so dead sleepy after having my dinner. Stuck at MV's MPH now. My 3rd home. Luckily they have PCs here.
It's been 3 weeks since I go back to Ipoh. I miss Germaine and Meeko so so much.
Attended my cousin sister's wedding dinner last weekend @ Ampang's Darul Ehsan club. The pool was nice. Everything was halal. Hmm not bad the food @ the Tai Thong restaurant. It's been a long time since I catch up with my relatives. Esp my cousin momok Jean Yean. Envy her long and beautiful legs >.< Can't upload photos here *geram* But managed to steal one from my brother's FS account :-

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The tube dress I'm wearing is one of my birthday pressie. Stupidly expensive dress from Eclipse. But I love it =P Thanks my dear. *muax* I permed my hair. and fatty dyed his hair red. When he sweats, all his baju kena red color =P Time for me to go. I've no idea what to blog without photos. Boring rite? Adios.

P/S : going for movie lu =P

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