Wednesday, November 28, 2007

*sigh* Boring Day

With nothing to do.

Don't know what to blog about.

Surfed LYN!


Surfed everyone's blog!

And I'm stuck here.

Just had lunch - Fish Ball Glass Noodle. Not bad. Can't even finish.

They just don't sell Fresh Mint here =/

Have to walk quite far to get them.

No cable to transfer photo!

A friend just said I changed. I became very LANSI, according to him. I asked Tim, he said NO. Hmm just because he couldn't find someone to go out with he blamed it on me eyh? What the hell is wrong with him? I was in Ipoh last weekend without hittin the clubs. Oh yeah, thank god i never joined Teddy. You know who he met? Haha some CCB and he said she looked nicer than she used to be but still with the same CCB look! Muhahaha! Okay back to my story. This friend, he said I changed since I went back to stay at this sohai's house. As a friend, are you suppose to address someone like that? Excuse me. Whatmore when that person is my boo? Never give face at all. He said I always cannot confirm when to go fetch him for yumcha. Eh mister, I fetched u damn freakin many times liao lo. You know Cheras area is damn jam one la especially Peel Road! Damn! Nextime, I'm just gonna ask him to hail a cab out instead of going to fetch him. Sick of this kinda rude people. When I don't go look for him, he said I LANSI. When I do, he has some other reasons to complain.

Friends, you can just find it anywhere. But true ones, how many do you have? Come to think of it, I have only a few. I treasure them. Some friends can be so pretentious. Some just take you for granted. Some can even be two headed snakes. Some only befriend you if you have M! There are so many weird humans in this world. I enjoyed to get to know them actually. I least I experienced it before. It's fun. I've gain and lost many friends. Totally lost contact with my secondary school friends. College friends? Only meet once in a blue moon. Some even don't know who I am when I added them in Friendster. LOL. To tell you the truth most of my friends now used to be my net friend. But the internet now is flooded with so many perverts! Ew..

Shucks! It's only 1PM. I wish I had a laptop. Someone sponsor me please. Haha! Even there's Internet access at home it's useless. What do I do everyday at home? Waiting for mushroom to grow.

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  1. hei....we're all ur good frens...k?or am i not?lolz


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